The Westcare Catalogue.

One of my recurring contracts is the creation of the Westcare Catalogue for the South West education market. Generally in the region of 1000 pages, built from scratch in an intensive four month timeframe. I operate as lead designer on the project. The South West education catalogue used to be a million pound in the red, hundred employee, council run company and is now a 3 employee plus temps, privately run success story.


I've been in business with Westcare for 3 years now, I was originally brought on board for a full rebranding. The company found my assistance invaluable and has tried to keep me in England as much as possible to work with them.



Westcare is a small to medium sized business supplies company whose goal is to enter the education market, a region still dominated by the physical catalogue. As a result a comprehensive education supplies catalogue was commissioned and I was brought in to lead the creative side. It was completed to spec and, much as I warned the company, they were not prepared for success, barely able to handle the floods of orders.


Other Work

A select arrangement of Freelance work completed over the past few years.

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